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The Book of Will

By Rodgers and Hammerstein

Marian Theater at PCPA (Pacific Conservatory Theatre) (2022)

Director - Erik Stein 

Production Stage Manager -  Sally Burgos & Suzanne Tyler 

Assistant Stage Managers - Rebekah Carriere & Emma Rae Carson 

Costume Designer -  Eddy L. Barrows 

At the PCPA, Cinderella was a magical production including 2 trick dresses. Ella had a dress that needed to be crocheted together each show. At the fastest, it took 22 minutes to crochet it together. Marie also had a transforming dress worn like a backpack and hidden in the train of her dress. It was rolled up multiple times throughout the show to reveal the dress underneath. 

Book of Will.jpeg

Click on the icon to the right to see the quick change tracking document for one dresser during the run of Cinderella.

Cinderella's transformation in action

Click on the icon to the right to see examples of a check-in list for one dresser. 

Click on the icon to the right to see examples of a preset list for one dresser. 

Cinderella in her peasant dress
Stepsister's Lament
Fairy Godmother with Zanies

The series of videos to the right are Timelapse's of the trick dress being rigged together with a crochet hook.The last video is an upclose of the finished rigging. 


The rigging for this dress was particular. When the chording was crossed or twisted, it would not pull correctly and fall through the eyes. 

Madame, Gabrielle, Ella and Charlotte sing A Lovely Night
Ensemble and Lord Pinkleton sing The Prince is Giving a Ball
Ella and Topher sing Do I Love You Because You are Beautiful
Cinderella and Topher dancing at the Ball
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