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The Lion in Winter

A Class Project

Design Approach: The Lion in Winter (1966) by James Goldman is a dramatic comedy about exposing how personal relationships affect political decisions. The costumes will support this discovery using colors from the time that were also used on the coats of arms. The coats of arms from both the House of Plantagenet and the Duchy of Aquitaine are primarily red and gold favoring red when in a dominant position. The House of Capet’s coat of arms being primarily blue and gold leads to Alais and Philips’s signature color.

House of Plantagenet
Duchy of Aquitaine
House of Capet

Photos Courtesy of Wikimedia

The Lion in Winter-Henry.jpg
The Lion in Winter-Philip.jpg
The Lion in Winter-Richard.jpg
The Lion in Winter-John.jpg
The Lion in Winter-Alais.jpg
The Lion in Winter-Eleanor-1.jpg
The Lion in Winter-Alais-1.jpg
The Lion in Winter-Geoffrey.jpg
The Lion in Winter-Eleanor-2.jpg
The Lion in Winter-Eleanor-3.jpg
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